Early Scots-Irish Allens in Kentucky and Indiana

Wouldn't it be great if there were a Webpage with that name? I can't do it. I'm mainly focussed on one tiny branch of Scots-Irish Allens who passed through Indiana. I hope other Allen researchers can contribute too; let's construct a web-ring and help straighten us Allens out!

I do show some Scots-Irish Allens who emigrated to the Mid-Atlantic colonies in the early 1700's even though they're unrelated to me. Allen is a common name, however, so this list is far from complete!

Shelbyville Allens in Putnam and Monroe Counties, Indiana

This title is more like it, but is still preposterous, because I have very little data on Putnam County as yet, and more questions than answers about Monroe.

I've assembled what I know about the Allens into about a dozen web pages. I mostly focus on the 19th century; the first link gives a glimpse of their 18th century roots.

Here's some information on related families, or other Irish Allens.

Descendancy through female lines is just as (or even more) important than descent through a male line, but the lists show only agnatic (male-line) descendants. This is a decision I made for two reasons: (a) otherwise the lists would become far too large and there'd be no hope of completion; (b) featuring individuals with a single surname (Allen) may make it easier to identify this site.

Thank you to the many people who have made their research available on the Internet, especially Wanda Smith Ballard. Thank you also to www.theyliveagain.com for the Genealogy award, though it really should go to Wanda and my other sources.

I am not a researcher: Most of this information was taken from Internet sources, census listings, or correspondence. Sometimes data conflicted (especially in the Givens lines) and I made my own guesses. Sorry for errors I may have introduced accidentally.

Robert and Martha Givens were double second cousins!

I hope the exclamation point doesn't seem excessive. Robert Allen Givens of North Carolina married Martha Givens of Virginia; they lived in Kentucky. After his death, she settled in Monroe County, Indiana with some of her children.

As shown in the ancestor table following, Martha's grandfathers were Samuel Givens (1695 - 1740) and Robert Allen (1695? - 1767). Robert was a grandnephew of both of the same said Samuel Givens and Robert Allen. They had several children, including John, James and Rebecca.

Here is the Ancestor Table of James Givens, husband of Martha Miller:
  1. James Givens (VA 1786 - 1868 IN)
  2. Robert Allen Givens (NC 1759 - 1833 Linc. KY)
  3. Martha Givens (VA 1761 - 1842 Monr. IN)
  4. John Givens (Antrim 1727 - 1974 Linc. KY)
  5. Rebecca Rachel Brown (NC 1731 - ? Linc. KY)
  6. James Givens (Antrim 1723 - 1790? Linc. KY)
  7. Martha Allen (Armagh 1727 - 1803)
  8. James Givens (Antrim 1695? - 1746 VA)
  9. Elizabeth
10. Thomas Brown (Fred. VA 1705 - ?)
11. Ruth Allen (Armagh 1709 - ? Fred., VA)
12. Samuel Givens (Antrim 1693 - 1740 Orange VA)
13. Sarah Cathey (Antrim 1697 - 1769? Fred. VA)
14. poss. Robert Allan (Armagh 1695? - 1769 Fred. VA) or his brother James
15. poss. early wife of Robert Allen
16. Samuel Givens (Antrim 1667 - 1770)
22. [poss. same as 28.]
24. [same as 16.]
26. Alexander Cathey (b. Monaghan 1675)
28. father (James?) of Robert Allan
32. Robert Givens (1640 - 1721)

The ``Montgomery Allen''s of early U.S.A.

This might be an interesting topic. Although there are many references to such a name in census and genealogical indexes the references may represent as few as six or seven individuals born before 1855.

Four of these six individuals seem to have lived in early Indiana. Two, each born in Kentucky in the 1790's, seem to have lived in Ripley County, though there is no census where both appear. Were they the same individual? Sounds logical, but doesn't quite fit the facts.

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