This is a poem by Dr. Adequate

This Is The Title
This is a poem, self-referential:
Tricky to write, and reading it's worse;
Still, it's a form with massive potential.
This is a line concluding the verse.
Now a new stanza, slickly poetic
Takes up the theme the former let drop.
(This is a line that's all parenthetic.)
This is a colon: this is a stop.
This is a comma, this is a clause, and
This are a lines, what's grammar be wrong.
Here's an ellipsis marking a pause ... and
This is a line nine syllables long.
Now it's verse four --- oh what a bonanza!
Thirty-two words, no less and no more
Make up the lines that make up the stanza.
This is the sentence ending verse four.
This is a verse explaining the meter
Dactyls and trochees make up the feet;
As a refinement, making it neater,
Every fourth trochee's left incomplete.
Dactyls and trochees alternate neatly,
But for the beats I happen to miss:
This line breaks the rules of the meter completely
And so, of course, does this.
Poets in times to come are my debtors:
This is a form whose merits are clear.
Here is a line with thirty-one letters.
Front. to back got that's line a is Here
This is a verse that's utterly risible,
Rather more hard to read than you'd think:
Half of this line's completely unreadable;
That's 'cos I used invisible ink.
This was a line that used the wrong tense; and
This is a question, wouldn't you say?
Wurble a flarp that doesn't make sense; and
Voici une ligne écrite en français.
This is the thought that ends my recital:
Poems like this should start a new trend.
This is the title: "This Is The Title";
This is the line that goes at the end.