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Usage Instructions

The example URL,
illustrates how to construct your own count-down timer. (Substitute 'cd_usage' for 'cntdown' to get this version, with usage discussion.)

The part up to the '?' is constant; the remainder controls the target date/time and the message to be diplayed. Either '&' or '/' may be used as delimiters to separate parts of the time, and words of the message. Fields in order are: year, month, date, hour, minute, followed by one or more words of message. Within the message you can add Html tags: '+tag' for '<tag>' and '-tag' for '</tag>'. This is shown in the example, with "New York City" in italics, and "Next General Election" underlined and big.

Place a '-' in front of the year to get local time; otherwise UTC is assumed. Note that local time will not give the same result if you share the URL across friends in different time-zones.