Jamie Allen's Fabulous Pedigree

'Better' cannot wait for 'Best'! I'm rushing a new version with known errors to make it in time for the New Year!

The present database has 265,099 individuals. It is now so large (and so full of errors :-( ) that I can't even keep up with the corrections and suggestions from friends and cousins who consult the FabPedigree. I have added a list of pending corrections that I haven't had time to get to yet. If you see something that looks wrong, please check to see if it's already on the Errata List.

Version 84

Except for corrections and additions to my DNA pages, the first addition for this version was Edmund FitzGerald. His pedigree isn't too interesting -- I just wanted to link to the Gordon Lightfoot song!

As usual I made a variety of additions, e.g. Adolf Hitler and Marco Polo. Neither Hitler nor Polo have extensive pedigrees, but one source shows Niccolo Machiavelli marrying a descendant of Marco Polo. Seems unlikely ... but I show all the "allegations" I find! I added Wyatt Earp; he also led to some other missing lines, like Claypoole. The Elizabeth Parry ancestral to several famous Americans (including Judy Garland, Britney Spears and President Kennedy) has a large pedigree.

Et cetera.

I often add ancient pedigrees even when they don't connect to royalty or famous Americans. I stumbled on a huge number of medieval low-nobility Germans I was missing so I added the pedigree of Adam von Podewils (1747-1808) -- a HUGE addition. During this process I discovered that some of these new names did have a descendant already in my database: the wife of Otto von Bismarck! Otto von Bismarck was already one of the notable descendants I show near the top of pedigree pages; becuase of the huge pedigree for Otto's wife, I replaced him with his son Wilhelm von Bismarck.

Version 83

For Version 83 I focused especially on expanding my coverage of Y-dna clading. I show several surname clusters (mostly R1b), and show much of the detailed clading. The Y-haplogroup structure coming into view as surveys and research continues maps directly to campaigns and conquests. Particular royal castes (descended from earlier royal castes) enjoyed enormous procreative advantage. This is such a big topic I'll discuss it in late August after I get Version 83 rushed out. Errata: I'll work on this page in 2018.

Ricardo Canedo deserves a big Thank You for this version. He has been helping identify the errors in my medieval pedigrees for several years. but put in overtime recently to help clean up Version 83. Thank you, Ricardo! Ricardo, like me, is an amateur genealogist but he has the talent and time to survey best research and glean expert knowledge. By now, Ricardo has identified at least 250 errors in my database. That seems like a very big number and might make me ashamed of my data quality. But since the database has over 250,000 names, I prefer to think that, with Ricardo's help, my database improved from 99.8% to 99.9% correct! :-)

Two famous Americans I'd avoided including are Will Rogers and Rex Tillerson. The problem was that their pedigrees did not seem to connect to other famous Americans, so were uninteresting. But Tillerson and Rogers are distant cousins of each other! Will Rogers, Mr. Secretary -- welcome aboard! Please send me corrections for either Roger's pedigree or Tillerson's. I'm especially interested in Will Rogers' Native American ancestors. Which were these exactly? Were they all Cherokee, or were other tribes represented?

Added a pedigree for Charles d'Artagnan, Captain of Musketeers; this led me to many medieval French I was missing. I also added some ancient Arab lines I was missing.

Scotland's Clan McFarlane has a prominent Y-Chromosome cluster. So I added some Chiefs of McFarlane. (Do they have descents to English Earls or famous Americans?)

Because of poor database design choices long ago, it is often very time-consuming for me to remove faulty connections. However, I have colored about 200 alternate pedigree pages red and added notes reminding users that these are the correct parents for their alleged children. And -- this is so sad -- the sorry software makes the coloring ever-or-never; the person is shown in red everywhere, not just in the charts where he/she is shown as "prob"able parent. :-(

A reminder: Some of my choices are whimsical. For example, the index entry for surname of the WEST includes mainly Roman Emperors, but also includes Dale Evans, `Queen of the West.' I'm sorry if my whimsy annoys some people.

After several years with my Guestbook disabled, I've started a new one, using the convenient Quick Topic website. Please sign-in and post your comments!

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