Frederick DOUGLASS

     aka Frederick Augustus Washington BAILEY (birth name); aka Frederick JOHNSON (to avoid attention when newly escaped); (slaved under several masters, escaped in 1838); educater, Diplomat; famous writer; Abolitionist; Orator; candidate (though without Douglass' consent) for U.S. Vice President (Equal Rights Party); Not on Hart's or Pantheon's List, but ranked #55 on Life's List of important persons.

     Born:  Maryland abt. 1817    Died:  1895 Washington, DC


 Wives/Partners:       Anna Murray   ;   Helen Pitts
/-- poss.  Anthony AARON
/   / or: some other white(?) man
- Frederick DOUGLASS
/-- Isaac, a free man
\-- Harriet BAILEY, a slave
\-- Betsy BAILEY, a slave  (? - 1849)

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