R1b-U106 y-Haplogroup ('Germanic')

     aka M405, S21, R1b1c9, R1b1a2a1a1a (Isogg 2012); (very large clade now centered near Frisia; Elite Caste ('King') of Western CORDED WARE Culture, poss. proto- GERMANIC); (McDONALD)

    External page: Downstream of R-U106 the clading is based on mcdonald's genetics with Yfull corrections shown (and shown as 2nd date estimate). For other clades we follow Yfull.
    Note: The error bars in Y-haplogroup estimates vary; in most cases I show the mean estimate from Yfull 2017. Be aware of two caveats:
(1) I show the TMRCA dates (the most recent common ancestor of living agnates) -- thus it is expected that some exemplars from ancient remains will predate the TMRCA dates;
(2) Some researchers think the Yfull dates may be slightly biased toward recency.

    Note: With five major sources for clade names, it often difficult to fold together. Notations like 'Yf:' or 'McD:' refer to node names whch may or may not be duplicates of other 'children'
    External page: Some of the information in mcdonald's table, in a different format.

     Born:  Bavaria? 3000 BC or 2700 BC

 "Child(ren)":       R1b-Z2265 y-Haplogroup   ;   R1b-U106 Haplo in British Isles   ;   A2150
/-- K2 y-Haplogroup   +====> [ 41]
/-- K2b y-Haplogroup (M1221)
/-- P y-Haplogroup (M45)
/-- R y-Haplogroup (M207)
/-- R-Y482 y-Haplogroup
/-- R1 y-Haplogroup (P238)  (20,800 BC)
/-- R1b y-Haplogroup (M343)  (18,400 BC)
/-- R1b-L278 y-Haplogroup (M415)  (16,900 BC)
/-- R1b-L754 y-Haplogroup  (15,100 BC)
/-- R1b-L389 y-Haplogroup  (13,600 BC)
/-- R1b-P297 y-Haplogroup  (11,300 BC)
/-- R1b-M269 y-Haplogroup  (nr. Volga River 4400 BC)
/-- R1b-L23 y-Haplogroup  (4100 BC)
/-- R1b-L51 y-Haplogroup (M412)  (Yamnaya? 3900 BC)
/-- R1b-L151 y-Haplogroup (P310/L11)
- R1b-U106 y-Haplogroup ('Germanic')

  ``1-Great Grandchildren:''       R1b-Z381 (R-S263) y-Haplogroup   ;   R1b-S493 y-Haplogroup (Z19)   ;   R1b-Z8056 y-Haplogroup (FGC3861)   ;   Britain's four most common groups

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