recent (2006) DNA EVIDENCE suggests that after chimp & hominid diverged, they interbred for a million years; aka Genus Pan, Subtribe Panina

    Note: Why is proto-Chimpanzee shown as Man's direct ancestor? There is disagreement between fossil evidence (Orrorin and Sahelanthropus do not appear to be ancestral to Chimp) and genetic evidence (DNA divergence appears to be less than 6 million years ago). Recently this was resolved by researchers Reich et al, who suggest that after an initial divergence, chimp and hominid continued to interbeed. The pure ``male'' is shown interbeeding with a hybrid ``female'' in the chart because hybrid males tend to be sterile.

     Born:  6.8 M BC

 "Child(ren)":       Orrorin tugenensis   ;   Chimpanzee (4 subspecies)   ;   Bonobo
 poss. "Partner(s)":       Subtribe Hominina
/-- Subclass Theriiformes (Therial Mammals)   +=====>
/-- Clade Holotheria
/-- Infraclass Eutheria (Placental Mammals)
/-- Subcohort Exafroplacentalia
/-- Superlegion Boreoeutheria (mammals from Laurasia Supercontinent)
/-- Legion of Euarchontoglires  (70 M BC)
/-- Superorder Euarchonta  (65 M BC)
/-- Order of Primates  (60 M BC)
/-- Suborder Haplorrhini  (55 M BC)
/-- Infraorder Simiiformes (Simians)  (40 M BC)
/-- Parvorder Catarrhini (Apes & Old World Monkeys)
/-- Superfamily Hominoidea (Apes)  (18 M BC)
/-- Family Hominidae (Great Apes)  (14 M BC)
/-- Subfamily Homininae  (9 M BC)
/-- Tribe Hominini (Hominids & Chimpanzee)  (7 M BC )
- Proto-Chimpanzee

  ``3-Great Grandchild:''       Australopithecus afarensis
  (poss.) ``8-Great Grandchildren:''       Homo antecessor   ;   Homo erectus

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