R1b y-Haplogroup (M343)

     aka R-CTS623; (DARWIN; McKINLEY; PIAST)

    External page: Most of the estimated dates shown as birth of Y-SNPs are the TMRCA estimates from Yfull 2017. (The McDonald estimates are used for U106, with Yfull shown 2nd.)
    Note: The error bars in Y-haplogroup estimates vary; in most cases I show the mean estimate from Yfull 2017. Be aware of two caveats:
(1) I show the TMRCA dates (the most recent common ancestor of living agnates) -- thus it is expected that some exemplars from ancient remains will predate the TMRCA dates;
(2) Some researchers think the Yfull dates may be slightly biased toward recency.

    External page: Most of the surnames shown in the R-tree are from this site. In most cases, surnames are not shown unless there appears to be a significant cluster, but many common surnames have multiple clusters. (Some smaller clusters are shown under children details but not shown in all-caps or placed in the Index.)

     Born:  18,400 BC

 "Child(ren)":       R1b-L278 y-Haplogroup (M415)   ;   (NN) of prehistory   ;   (NN) of prehistory   ;   (NN) of prehistory   ;   R1b*   ;   M343-x-CTS623   ;   poss. R1b1*   ;  poss.   Pyrenees pioneers
 poss. "Partner(s)":       I1 y-Haplogroup (I-P38)   ;   East Medit. neolithic man   ;   R1a y-Haplogroup   ;   some I or (slight) K y-Haplogroups
/-- A1b y-Haplogroup (P108)   +====> [ 32]
/-- BT y-Haplogroup (L413)
/-- CT y-Haplogroup (M168)
/-- CF y-Haplogroup (P143 M168 P9)
/-- FT y-Haplogroup (P14 M89 M213)
/-- GHIJK y-Haplogroup (F1329)
/-- HIJK y-Haplogroup (F929)
/-- IJK y-Haplogroup (L15)
/-- K y-Haplogroup (M9)  (43,400 BC)
/-- K2 y-Haplogroup  (43,400 BC )
/-- K2b y-Haplogroup (M1221)  (43,400 BC)
/-- P y-Haplogroup (M45)  (Central Asia 35,000 BC)
/-- R y-Haplogroup (M207)  (26,200 BC)
/-- R-Y482 y-Haplogroup  (Central Asia 26,200 BC )
/-- R1 y-Haplogroup (P238)  (20,800 BC)
- R1b y-Haplogroup (M343)

  (poss.) ``Grandchildren:''       R1b-L754 y-Haplogroup   ;   Ethnic groups of N.W. Europe   ;   Ethnic groups of Italy   ;   I1-R1a-R1b y-Haplogroup mixture   ;   So. European y-Haplogroups
  (poss.) ``5-Great Grandchildren:''       First Speaker of Mandara-Matakam   ;   R1b-Z2103 y-Haplogroup   ;   R1b-L51 y-Haplogroup (M412)

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