Tuisto (1st King) of GERMANIA

     aka Tuisco (Deutsch Teutsch Tuyscon Tuisco) von TYRKJA; eponym of DEUTSCHLAND; (some equate him with Shem ibn NOAH; some equate him with Athothis of EGYPT)

     Born:   ?   Died:  poss. abt. 1500 BC

Poss. HM George I's 41-Great Grandfather.       Poss. HRE Ferdinand I's 38-Great Grandfather.       Poss. Agnes Harris's 42-Great Grandfather.

 Wife/Partner:       Mother of first mortal
 Child:       Mannus
 Source:       poss. Ymir, the Frost GIANT (of GINNUNGAGAP)
/-- Alfadur, the Eternal (GOD)
/   / or: Eitr, Substance of Life (PRIMORDIAL)
/-- poss.  Ymir, the Frost GIANT (of GINNUNGAGAP)
/-- Muspelheim
/-- poss.  the Heat of MUSPELHEIM
\-- the Clouds (PRIMORDIAL)
/-- Niflheim (Abode of Mist)
/   \-- poss.  the Ice of NIFLHEIM
/-- poss.  Tyr (YMIRSSON)
/ OR: prob. not Odin (GOD) of the NORSE   +====> [ 5]
/ OR: poss. source: Dyeus Phater   +====> [ 1]
/ or: Woden of ASGARD, q.v.
/  \-- poss.  Hrod
- Tuisto (1st King) of GERMANIA
\-- Zisa

  His (poss.) Grandchildren:       Irmino (progenitor) of the HERMINONES   ;   Ericonius   ;   Hisicion (Isacon)   ;   Armenon ALANUS   ;   Ingio (King) of GERMANS   ;   father of Njord of NORTUN   ;   Neugio (Negue Negua)

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