Janet (Joan; de) CHEDELL

     aka Joanne CHEADLE

U.S. President [CLEVELAND]'s 13-Great Grandmother.       HRH Charles's 17-Great Grandmother.       PM Churchill's 16-Great Grandmother.       Lady Diana's 16-Great Grandmother.       PM Cameron's 16-Great Grandmother.       HRH Albert II's 18-Great Grandmother.       Boris Johnson's 17-Great Grandmother.       Poss. Jamie's 16-Great Grandmother.

 Husband/Partner:       Robert (of Hulme) GROSVENOR
 Children:       Emme (Elizabeth) GROSVENOR   ;   Agnes GROSVENOR   ;   Elizabeth (of Hulme) GROSVENOR
 Wrongly-shown Mother of Children:       prob. not Joan FITTON
/-- Geoffrey (Sir; of Cheadle) CHEDELL
- Janet (Joan; de) CHEDELL
\-- ?

  Her Grandchildren:       Ellen LEGH [alt ped]   ;   Philip LEIGH   ;   John (of Booths) LEGH   ;   Anne (of Hooton) STANLEY   ;   William (Sir; of Hooton) STANLEY   ;   Elizabeth DUTTON   ;   Peter (of Hatton) DUTTON

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