R1b-L21 y-Haplogroup ('North Atlantic')

     (very huge clade; aka M529; the Companion (son?) of the AMESBURY ARCHER is L21, so this famous ancient skeleton may be the great BELL BEAKER King who brought L21 to Britain!; In any event, we might assume that the discovery of Tin in Cornwall led to the rapid growth of this family; ATLANTIC CELTIC of Early BRONZE AGE; GUEVARA); aka R1b1b2a1b6 (Isogg 2008), R1b1b2a1a2f (Isogg 2009), R1b1a2a1a1b4 (Isogg 2011), R1b1a2a1a1b3 (Isogg 2012), R1b1a2a1a2c (Isogg 2013), R1b1a1a2a1a2c (Isogg 2016), R1b1a1a2a1a2c1 (Isogg 2018), S145; aka 15654428C->G; (McDONALD, McCOOK, etc.; WILDES)

    Note: L21 was a great King of early BELL BEAKER in the North, poss. near Rhine, but according to Joe Flood, most probably S.W. Britain
    External page: Joe Flood has done a thorough study of R1b-L21.
    External page: PLEASE stop using Isogg-style clade names for Y-haplogroups. As you can see here, R1b-L21 has had SEVEN different Isogg names -- they change the tree every year -- but has always been R1b-L21.
    Note: On haplogroup pages, lists of unlinked 'children' are ordered distally; i.e. the first listed subclades are closest to the linked children.
    External page: The Amesbury Archer is a great King in Britain who emigrated from Central Europe about 2300 BC; he is buried alongside a 'Companion' (the Archer's son?). Archer's Y-haplogroup has not been published, but the Companion is L21.

     Born:  Rhine 2360 BC

 "Child(ren)":       R1b-DF13 y-Haplogroup (CTS241)   ;   Archer of AMESBURY   ;   R1b-CTS300 y-Haplogroup (DF63)   ;   R1b-L21 Haplo in British Isles   ;   R1b-A5846 y-Haplogroup   ;   L21*   ;   BY2899 (Wildes)   ;   ancestor of Che Guevara
/-- P y-Haplogroup (M45)   +====> [ 43]
/-- R y-Haplogroup (M207)
/-- R-Y482 y-Haplogroup
/-- R1 y-Haplogroup (P238)
/-- R1b y-Haplogroup (M343)
/-- R1b-L278 y-Haplogroup (M415)
/-- R1b-L754 y-Haplogroup  (15,100 BC)
/-- R1b-L389 y-Haplogroup  (13,600 BC)
/-- R1b-P297 y-Haplogroup  (11,300 BC)
/-- R1b-M269 y-Haplogroup
/-- R1b-L23 y-Haplogroup  (4100 BC)
/-- R1b-L51 y-Haplogroup (M412)  (Yamnaya? 3900 BC)
/-- R1b-L151 y-Haplogroup (P310/L11)
/-- R1b-P312 y-Haplogroup  (Bell Beaker culture 2500 BC )
/-- R1b-S461 y-Haplogroup (Z260)
- R1b-L21 y-Haplogroup ('North Atlantic')

  (poss.) ``Grandchildren:''       R1b-L195 y-Haplogroup   ;   R1b-Z39589 y-Haplogroup   ;   R1b-FGC5494 y-Haplogroup   ;   R1b-DF1 y-Haplogroup   ;   R1b-DF21 y-Haplogroup (S192)   ;   R1b-FGC11134 y-Haplogroup (Y3550)   ;   R1b-ZZ10 y-Haplogroup   ;   R1b-S219/Z255 y-Haplogroup   ;   (NN) ... (NN)   ;   R1b-A91 y-Haplogroup   ;   R1b-Y10997 y-Haplogroup   ;   Britain's two most common groups   ;   R1b-Y16251 y-Haplogroup

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